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Since launching in the summer of 2023, GoEQ™ has been making a big impact in Christian education. Hear what people are saying!


Hear what our teachers and students are saying about us

So much growth!

I saw a student look up at me with tears in his eyes over his ruined art project and say, “I think I can handle it, Teacher,” instead of getting upset with the student who had knocked over the cup of water.

- Elementary teacher

So proud ❤️

Just a small exposure to the principles of this curriculum can make a big difference. I had a seventh grader terrified of heights who couldn’t get down from the top bunk on an overnight educational outing face her fears and climb down just because I shared with them the basic principles of EQ and CBT taught in this program. She had the biggest smile on her face after she had conquered her fear.

- Middle School Teacher

Complete transformation!

I watched a troubled 3rd grader choose to be quiet, instead of yelling back in the classroom when another student called him rude. That wouldn’t have happened eight weeks ago when we first started piloting the GoEQ lessons.

- Elementary teacher

Complete behavioral change

I saw a 7th grade student about to be expelled for bullying and abuse at school choose to walk away from a confrontation instead of fighting. When I asked what happened, she told me it must be because of what she was learning in the EQ program.

- Middle School Teacher

I enjoy school again!

I like coming to school now.

- Student

GoEQ saved my marriage!

The GoEQ Curriculum has changed my life as a teacher. My marriage wasn’t doing well. As I taught the program, I realized maybe it was because of my emotional intelligence or lack of it. I started trying to put principles I was learning as I taught into practice at home. Life is so much better now.

- Teacher


“The curriculum is easy to follow and doesn’t need a lot of resources.”

- Teacher

Had so much fun!!

“Students really enjoyed the activities.”

- Teacher

So much knowledge!

“I learned along with my students.”

- Teacher

What a boost!

"I saw an increase in students' confidence levels."

- Teacher

We NEED more!

"Students are hungry for more!"

- Teacher


"EQ should become a core subject for every classroom."

- Teacher
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