Empowering Emotional Brilliance in Every Child

GoEQ™ is a new curriculum designed to teach students practical implementation of emotional intelligence, giving them the tools they need to process and regulate emotions, think critically, respond to everyday situations in a healthy manner, experience relational success, and more.

What is GoEQ™?

GoEQ™is a complete emotional intelligence curriculum, thoroughly exploring each of its domains and competencies. As a Social-Emotional Learning (S.E.L.) curriculum, it meets the education standards of the State of California with the goal of developing the attitudes and skills necessary for students to grow into responsible, competent, empathetic, relationally healthy, mentally thriving, self-managing, and self-aware children and adults.

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Available for K-12 grade levels

GoEQ™ is divided into four units designed to be taught in one semester. Each covers essential questions pertaining to emotional intelligence. In each lesson, you will find powerful scripture connections, current scientific research, engaging stories, research material, multimedia learning, and age-appropriate learning activities.