Social Emotional Learning for Christian Education

Curriculum Overview

GoEQ™ is a new curriculum designed to teach students practical implementation of emotional intelligence, giving them the tools they need to process and regulate emotions, think critically, respond to everyday situations in a healthy manner, experience relational success, and more.

Designed for all class sizes
Available for K-12

Did you know?

Emotional intelligence (E.Q.) is the greatest marker for an individual’s success in their career and personal life. Additionally, emotional intelligence is a critical component of positive mental health, reduction in possibilities of violence and drug abuse, and living a happy, fulfilling life.

Research states that one in every five children in the United States struggles with a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder. Thankfully, with the right tools, E.Q. can be taught to and developed in these children, which has been proven to help alleviate their struggles and aid them in achieving their fullest potential inside and outside the classroom.

Due to the scope and influences of education on the developing child, schools provide an excellent opportunity for cultivating in students the principles and practices of emotional intelligence.

Why GoEQ™?

Designed to Transform Your Classroom

GoEQ's™ holistic approach, including brain health, lifestyle, and personal spirituality, is designed to meet the needs of the whole student as they learn about mental and emotional health. Created with students in mind, it’s structured to be accessible to students’ varied learning styles. Integrating science with reading, writing, research, art, and activities, cross-curricular connections are formed and students are challenged to apply their knowledge and learning techniques in each area of life.

Curriculum Characteristics

  • Available for K–12
  • Designed for all class sizes
  • Research-based principles
  • California state standard alignment
  • S.E.L. competencies alignment
  • Holistic mental health instruction
  • High student engagement
  • User-friendly, scripted lesson plans
  • Continued teacher support
  • Numerous resources for students and teachers
  • Multimedia instruction
  • Multifaceted learning
  • Real-life applications
  • Hands-on learning
  • Biblical foundation
What makes GoEQ™ Unique?

Redefining Emotional Intelligence Learning

The GoEQ™ Curriculum takes research-based principles that have helped thousands of people worldwide recover from depression and anxiety disorders, optimize their mental health, and lead fulfilling lives and makes them accessible to students of all ages. It offers a comprehensive approach that delves into many aspects of emotional intelligence and holistic well-being, creating an integrated S.E.L. and health program. Here's a glimpse of what students can expect to explore and learn throughout the curriculum:

Understanding how the brain works

The journey of optimizing our mental health begins with an understanding of our physical brains. GoEQ™students gain an age-appropriate understanding of the anatomy and function of the brain.

Lifestyle habits

The everyday lifestyle choices we make have an impact on our brain’s health. GoEQ™ students discover how various mental and physical lifestyle habits impact their brain’s health, which determines its ability to function and think clearly.

Emotional intelligence skills

Our emotional intelligence influences our choices and behaviors. GoEQ™ students obtain a practical understanding of emotional intelligence through applications to real life, broadening their emotional skill set.

Disputing cognitive distortions

Optimizing our mental health includes challenging our irrational thoughts. GoEQ™ students acquire tools to identify, evaluate, and reframe untrue and unhelpful thoughts.

Building character strengths

Optimized mental health is not merely the absence of mental illness and addiction, but the presence of character strengths that solidify our emotional intelligence. GoEQ™ students develop the 24 documented cross-cultural character strengths to enhance their lives and well-being.

Embracing a growth mindset

One of the most important factors affecting our ability to pursue and achieve optimal mental health is our attitude. GoEQ™ students foster the understanding that their minds can always be enhanced and brain health can be achieved and maintained through consistent effort.

Biblical foundation

An important but often overlooked component of mental health is having a spiritual connection. The Bible offers us a compass to test our thoughts to ensure we tell ourselves the truth. GoEQ™ students receive a biblical perspective in mental health and emotional intelligence and learn how spirituality can support them in their journey towards emotional brilliance.

How is GoEQ™ Set Up?

E.Q. for All Ages

GoEQ™ is divided into four units designed to be taught in one semester. Each covers essential questions pertaining to emotional intelligence. In each lesson, you will find powerful scripture connections, current scientific research, engaging stories, research material, multimedia learning, and age-appropriate learning activities.

Unit 1

Exploring Our Brain

  • What makes up my brain?
  • How does my brain function?
  • What is mental health and how do I optimize it?

Unit 2

Promoting Brain Health

  • How can I promote brain health?

Unit 3

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

  • How does emotional intelligence strengthen mental health?
  • How do I build emotional intelligence?

Unit 4

Untangling Our Thoughts

  • How can I identify cognitive distortions/tangled thoughts?
  • How can I dispute/untangle my thoughts?
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Frequently Asked Quesions


What is GoEQ™?

The GoEQ™ curriculum is designed to be taught four days per week for 12 weeks, each daily lesson being about 40 minutes in length. However, many teachers have spread the curriculum over a full 16-week semester or even a full year. We suggest teaching the GoEQ™ curriculum at a pace where your students grasp its principles for optimal benefit. Whatever your timeframe is, the GoEQ™ curriculum can be adapted to fit it.  


I don’t have the suggested amount of time in my instructional day to spend on emotional intelligence. Can I still teach this curriculum and make it effective?

I don’t have the suggested amount of time in my instructional day to spend on emotional intelligence. Can I still teach this curriculum and make it effective? Yes! In the various pilots done with this curriculum, not every teacher taught it for the designed 40 minutes per day, four days per week. Lessons can easily be cut in half. Many teachers have taken the program slowly, choosing to teach for optimal student retention and learning rather than getting through the program material in 12 weeks. One way to fit in the lesson material is to preview the lessons and decide which scenarios and activities you are going to do. For example, you may decide to do two examples one day and one the next as a review. Or, you could teach a lesson with one or two examples one day and use the rest of the examples throughout the week for review.

Another aspect of this curriculum is that you can plug various lessons into different parts of the day. For example, the lessons on brain anatomy easily fit into science as a subunit. The lessons on promoting brain health can easily fit into health or science. Lessons on emotional intelligence and untangling thoughts can be included in Bible, social studies, health, or even morning worship. Once students have started learning the emotional tools for calming down and untangling their thoughts, you can gently remind them to use the tools throughout the day as situations come up to reinforce practicing the skills that build emotional intelligence. These tools, even in small doses, will go a long way to foster healthy thinking and emotional brilliance in your students for the rest of their lives.


Are materials provided with the curriculum?

Yes, the materials included are: teacher’s manual with a full instructional script, student worksheets/workbooks, discussion questions, activities for all material, PowerPoints, teaching videos, music playlist, references to all materials used, references to information for further study, unit tests and recommended evaluations, grading rubrics, student objectives, pre-lesson preparation and materials lists, and pre- and post-assessment tests.


Hear what our teachers and students are saying about us

So much growth!

I saw a student look up at me with tears in his eyes over his ruined art project and say, “I think I can handle it, Teacher,” instead of getting upset with the student who had knocked over the cup of water.

- Elementary teacher

So proud ❤️

Just a small exposure to the principles of this curriculum can make a big difference. I had a seventh grader terrified of heights who couldn’t get down from the top bunk on an overnight educational outing face her fears and climb down just because I shared with them the basic principles of EQ and CBT taught in this program. She had the biggest smile on her face after she had conquered her fear.

- Middle School Teacher

Complete transformation!

I watched a troubled 3rd grader choose to be quiet, instead of yelling back in the classroom when another student called him rude. That wouldn’t have happened eight weeks ago when we first started piloting the GoEQ lessons.

- Elementary teacher

Complete behavioral change

I saw a 7th grade student about to be expelled for bullying and abuse at school choose to walk away from a confrontation instead of fighting. When I asked what happened, she told me it must be because of what she was learning in the EQ program.

- Middle School Teacher

I enjoy school again!

I like coming to school now.

- Student

GoEQ saved my marriage!

The GoEQ Curriculum has changed my life as a teacher. My marriage wasn’t doing well. As I taught the program, I realized maybe it was because of my emotional intelligence or lack of it. I started trying to put principles I was learning as I taught into practice at home. Life is so much better now.

- Teacher